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1978 Ford Thunderbird 400 CID
Own a piece of automotive history.

This is a 7th generation, 1978 Ford Thunderbird with the Cleveland V8 400 CID (cubic inch displacement) engine. The option to install the 400 CID engine was dropped in 1979 due to CAFE regulations in the United States.

This car was assembled and shipped by special order from Chicago, IL in 1978 with the Cleveland 400 CID engine. This car has remained in the care of the original owner since 1978.

Model 7th generation, 1978 Ford Thunderbird 400 CID
Engine Cleveland small-block V8, 400 CID (6.6L)
Transmission Ford Automatic FMX
Mileage Odometer Reading: 95,949 Km
Total Milage: 195,949 Km
Engine Condition Mint, full-power, no appreaciable wear, does not burn any oil.
Regularly maintained with the engine oil changed every 3 months.
Transmission oil changed every 2 years.
Air Conditioner Removed but its mounts, fly-wheels, belts & ports left intact.
Body / Paint Fully-restored at M&D Auto Body Shop, Toronto, Ontario.
Repainted in the original Silver Metallic colour with 2 clear coats.
Chrome - original ... no erosion or rust.
Licence Plate 78 TB (Ontario, Canada)
Asking Price The asking price for the above restored 1978 Thunderbird with all of the new spare parts, accessories, and Marquette Model 40-175 Engine Analyzer is $10,000 OBO. If you are still interested, please contact me by email to schedule a viewing/inspection at a mutually convenient time.
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As part of this sale, a Marquette Model 40-175 Engine Analyzer (see last 2 photos) has been included, as well as all the original manufacterer and OEM parts collected by the owner. Please click link below to show / hide the parts list.

Qty Description Part Number Manufacturer
1 1978 T-bird Car Shop Manual
1 1978 T-bird Electrical & Vacuum T-S Manual
1 Starting Motor - Rebuilt
1 Starting Motor 19-5646-2 Motomaster
1 Rear Drum Brake Shoe Kit R2637 Ford Motorcraft
1 Front Brake Disc Pads Kit R7013M Central Precision
1 Front Brake Disc Pads Kit 13-0120-4 Motomaster
1 Water Pump D6AZ 8501 ARS Ford
1 Timing Chain D3AZ 6268 A Ford
1 Gas Pump D7SZ 9350 BRS Ford
1 Original Carburetor - Rebuilt
1 Carburetor Tune-up Kit CT-1261 Ford
1 Lights/Headlights Cover Vacuum Switch Assembly SW1370 Ford
1 Regulator GR-540-B Ford
1 Electronic Ignition Module DY 237-A Ford
1 Ignition Coil DG-314 Ford
1 Relay SW-1507-B Ford
1 Distributor Cap DH-411-B Ford
2 Rotors DR-380-A Ford
3 PVC Valves EV-68-C Ford
2 Fuel/Gas Line Filters FG-778-B Ford
1 Oil Filter FL-!A Ford
1 Vacuum Valve Assembly EOLY-13A169-A Ford
1 Vacuum Valve Assembly YG-35-A Ford
1 Vacuum Valve Control Assembly (Interior Heat) D7DZ-18495-B Ford
1 Emission Control Duct Hose 23-1904-0 Motomaster
½ 2 Oil Baffles D1AZ-6524-A Ford
1 Oil Pan Gasket Kit E6TZ-6781-A Ford
1 Valve Cover Gasket Kit D00Z-6584-A Ford
1 Timing Cover Gasket Kit E2AZ-6D000-C Ford
1 JC-534 Motorcraft V-Belt JC-534 Ford
1 JC-554 Motorcraft V-Belt JC-554 Ford
1 JC-537 Motorcraft V-Belt JC-537 Ford
1 JB-423-L Motorcraft V-Belt JB-423-L Ford
2 JH-331 Motorcraft V-Belts JH-331 Ford
1 JB-414-L Motorcraft V-Belt JB-414-L Ford

See below the images photographed in 2009. Credit Cyril Collins.

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